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Patients and users

At ESKA Orthopaedic, we appreciate your interest in our pioneering and unique technology, backed by decades of scientific publications, for extending mobility to amputees.

Our primary guiding principle is:
The patient is our focus. Improving the patient’s quality of life by restoring mobility is our top priority.

The precise adjustment of technically sophisticated components to your very individual needs promises safety in handling and everyday life, as well as a completely new level of comfort. Sweating, chafing and prosthesis edge knots will be a thing of the past, just like the annoying pulling of the socket when sitting down or complicated fumbling when putting on and taking off the prosthesis. A simple movement of the hand and the prosthesis fits immediately – always. Even at night or with eyes closed. Intuitive and safe. Simply a good (wearing) feeling for everyone. Also for your private environment.

Let your certified prosthetist introduce you to our system!
Your path to your individual endo-exo treatment will then lead you to the prosthesis consultation in an appropriate clinic. Your certified orthopaedic technician will assist you in finding an appropriate clinic.
Here, a doctor will discuss your individual indication with you and take three X-rays (with the prosthesis in place, the residual limb from the front and from the side).
This is all it takes to determine whether at all, and if so when, your wish to enter a world without a socket-guided prosthesis will come true.
We will be happy to assist you in finding a certified prosthetist in your area. Simply get in touch with us.
Experience a completely new quality of life through know-how of the original – ESKA, we are the original – since 1999!

Why should you choose an endo-exo fitting from ESKA Orthopaedic?

We are the original since 1999.

– We can look back on several decades of experience in the field of endo-exo, dating back to the beginnings of the first idea in the 1980s and its constant further development, which has enabled us to successfully perform hundreds of restorations in Germany and thousands of restorations worldwide.

One-off procedure for lifelong enjoyment with short implant healing times
– Usually, after about 10 to 12 years, the implant loosens because it is not firmly anchored to the bone. Another operation is indicated to replace/re-cement the implant. With our advanced technology, this is not necessary. A single operation – that’s all.


– No chafing, sweating or fumbling – our implant and exo-modules impress with their ease of use and comfortable feel.
– With 110 different adaptation options, we will also find the optimal fitting for you to balance your body and, for example, reduce or even avoid back pain. This not only gives you security in everyday life, but also increases your quality of life.

Would you like a “second opinion”?

Patients’ experiences


What do patients report on the ESKA endo-stem adapted exo-prosthesis care concept?

Thomas N.

“In the past, when I was mowing the lawn, I had to sit down three times an hour because I was in no condition to do it. Today I mow the lawn in one go and can still take a walk afterwards!” says Thomas N. from Lübeck, Germany.

Since Easter 2008, the 43-year-old connects his prosthesis without a socket on his thigh in the morning and in the evening every day. Back in 1986, he lost his right leg in a motorcycle accident and used a conventional prosthesis for 22 years of his life. The skilled tool mechanic works for ESKA Implants and manufactures surgical instruments for implants.

“I was afraid of the surgery” – admits Thomas. “Today I am very satisfied and do not see any disadvantages. After all, now even I can ride a bike, go bowling, play table tennis and fly on holiday with my family. And as regards the hygiene at the exit site of the implant, it is similar to a denture. This must also be cleaned in the morning and evening.”

Petra J.

“The ESKA stem adapted endo-exo-prosthesis is the best I could do in the given situation,” she said. “With the surgery I’m taking no great risk, because I can still change my mind. If so, only the adapter must be removed, the implant stays inside and the residual stump is sewn up again. “

In 2001, two years after a serious accident, Petra had an above-knee amputation. Due to her formerly being overweight and resultant fit issues with the socket, after only 2 months it was clear to her that only this new technology could solve her problems.

Today Petra weighs 30 kgs less, partly because with the ESKA endo-stem adapted exo-prosthesis that goes over the anatomical skeleton helps her move much better and is back friendly.


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