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The ESKA endo-stem adapted exo-prosthesis care concept in practice


The practical experience of more than 200 satisfied ESKA endo-stem adapted exo-prosthesis users shows that significant advantages are gained over conventional socket prostheses. Complications can almost completely be eliminated by applying the ESKA endo-stem adapted exo-prosthetic care concept responsibly and attentively.



Particular attention must be paid to the stoma, through which the ESKA bridge-module leaves the body. When applying normal hygiene and taking care of the stoma and exo-modules regularly and daily, the risk of infection is very low.



Excessive twisting of the prosthesis should generally be avoided. However, should greater than normal strains occur, a shear pin on the inner side of the double conus adapter will protect the bone from breaking. The system yields and the bone remains undamaged.



The implants are made of a cobalt-chromium-molybdenum alloy forging (CoCrMo), which is sealed with a titanium-niobium layer (TiNb). These materials, when used in the endo prosthetics, are considered to be very compatible with the body and only in extremely rare cases cause allergic reactions. Medication is not necessary in connection with the ESKA endo-stem adapted exo-prosthesis care concept.