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TThe ESKA endo-stem adapted exo-prosthesis care concept according to Dr. Grundei® allows complete freedom of movement of the residual stump at all levels. The stump is not forced into a pre-set form and can develop muscle strength freely. Neither during sitting nor standing or walking is the mobility limited by disturbing marginal areas of a prosthetic socket.

Activities after implantation

The improved freedom of movement and the associated gain in quality of life will have a positive impact on all kinds of activities. Depending on the degree of mobility, activities such as a longer walk, bike rides, horse riding and swimming are no problem. Even going on holiday by plane no longer proves to be inconvenient due improved comfort when sitting

Easy To Use

The exo-prosthesis care concept can be put on and taken off completely while seated in less than 30 seconds. Any fluctuations in volume of the residual stump have no influence on the fit of the prosthesis. There is no skin irritation caused by friction, sweat or heat, whereby an extended period of wearing the prosthesis is made possible and mobility is unaffected at any time.

No prosthetic socket

The forces are transmitted directly from the bone over the ESKA endo-stem onto the exo-prosthesis which allows a precise control of the prosthesis. As a result, the hip joint is claimed in a natural way and it also helps against bone decalcification. In conjunction with the improved perception of the ground conditions, the ESKA endo-stem adapted exo-prosthesis care concept allows a safe and smooth gait pattern.