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The residual stump treatment without shaft is on the rise

The femoral socket prosthesis or the ESKA endo-stem adapted exo-prosthesis care? For more than 100 amputees this issue no longer exists. They have chosen the so-called Osseointegration.

This technology, developed in 1999 by Dr. Ing. Hans Grundei (former managing partner of the former ESKA Implants GmbH Lübeck, one of the leading manufacturers of joint endo-prostheses) consists of an inner (endo) and outer (exo) module, whereas the endo-module is implanted directly into the bone stump.

HANDICAP already introduced the new method in edition 2/2005 and 2/2007 explaining the medical background and potential risks.

We have now asked some of the users, who are cared for by Schütt & Grundei from the orthopaedic service company within the company group, how the new technology has affected them in everyday life and what their experiences are.

See also: http://www.handicap.de


Particular attention must be paid to the stoma, through which the bridge-module leaves the body. When applying normal hygiene and taking care of the stoma and exo-modules regularly and daily, the risk of infection is very low.