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Clinical intervention


In the first operation, e.g. regarding above-knee amputees, the lower end of the femur is exposed and the ESKA endo-stem then implanted into the bone. Once the implant is fixed in the correct position, the stump is closed again. From experience it takes 4 to 8 weeks for the osseointegration to be completed. The hospital stay is usually 5 to 8 days.

This takes place under medical supervision.


In the second operation, the circular skin passage (stoma) is applied. Through this stoma the ESKA bridge-module is connected to the inner ESKA endo-stem.

This is done under medical supervision.


The qualified and certified prosthetist has to, after a predetermined structure specification (Trochantersagitallinie – flexion angle degree of mobility), determine the knee joint position.

This happens a few days after the second operation and the prosthetist can initiate and accompany a partial weight load monitoring.

In addition, after successful implantation each patient receives his/her own Prosthesis Pass from their attending doctor to follow up and control the ESKA endo-stem adapted exo-prosthesis care concept.

This also includes the details of the exo-prosthetic care and should always be carried in case of flying.