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Long-term developments and innovative ideas come together to create the ESKA endo-stem adapted exo-prosthesis care concept:

The prosthesis care concept according to Dr. Grundei is composed of several modules: the inner (endo – medical activity) and outer (exo – orthopaedic activity) modules. The endo-module, the so called implant-stem, is for example implanted into the femurbone. The healing time is between 6 to 8 weeks.


1. ESKA endo-stem (for example, Type I)

2. ESKA bridge-module in a double conus version (for example, Type I) including protection of the conus (according to Schelhas 1986)

3. Silicone cap used as stoma protection

4. ESKA bridge-connection by means of a metal cylinder including: inner conus, dental (plate) clutch, torsion adjustment plate and retaining elements as safety zone

5. ESKA connecting adapter in the shape of a cylinder for the knee and/or foot piece

What makes the ESKA endo-stem implant special is the spongy metal surface. The substance of the bone grows around and bonds with this three-dimensional lattice structure and guarantees (proven by 30 year warranty) a solid anchoring for the ESKA endo-stem within the bone.

The so-called ESKA bridge-module connects the ESKA endo-stem and exo-modules. Anchored inside, it protrudes the stump and is equipped from the outside with the ESKA bridge-cylinder and other connection pieces.

The silicone cap serves to protect the exit point (stoma).

The ESKA bridge-cylinder and the drag disc serve for development and alignment of the connection adapter for the knee or suitable foot piece.

This structure is critical for the statics and dynamics of the prosthesis care, for which the qualified and certified prosthetist is responsible.